Fremskridt, når fortid påminder en om hvor langt, man er kommet.18. Maj 2022

Dagens reminder fra Facebook

Still a journey, but still very
grateful and today focusing on being chronically alive instead of chronically ill.❤️

Life is what happens while we are busy making plans.

Life is an ongoing process, a journey if you will, and once you redeemed the ticket, then there’s not really any going back.

Consequently even I have days when life sucks and I just feel like pulling the covers up over my head, but they rarely last long, but you have to give yourself permission to mourn that life did not become what you have dreamed of.

For my part, it helped, writing things down, for we tend to forget, both how difficult situations we have come through after all, but also all the good ones, the positive times that are also there, if only we want to see them.

Once in while you simply have to slow down expectations, I am now in a situation where just being able to hold a glass and take a sip of water has cost blood, sweat and tears.
The ability to be able to dress myself, to give my children, my husband a kiss and a hug.
Or something as trite, like even being able to drive to the bathroom and transfer myself to the toilet seat, something that the vast majority of people just do every single day, often several times a day without a blink.

There’s nothing that’s wrong without it’s good for something.
And I’ve found a humility in life that makes the little things, great.
Even being able to roll out and brush your teeth in the evening and drink a glass of icy water without it coming straight back, I actually feel happy ❤️

The warmest hugs and with the desire for a humane approach to and humility into life.

Stay strong.🙏🏻

Offentliggjort af kronisklevende

Hvordan får man puttet ’lev’ ind i overlev igen. Det er farligt, at leve, man kan dø af det. Født i 1973, gift, 4 vidunderlige børn, Cand.Jur. Har kronisk intestinal pseudo obstruktion (CIPO), gastroparese og Polyneuropati AMSAN en subversion af Guillian Barrés Syndrom, stædig kørestolspilot med stor kærlighed til livet på trods af modgang. Efter i mange år, at have fokuseret på at leve med sygdom inde på livet og på at nægte at blive mine diagnoser, forsøger jeg i dag at bringe mere liv i livet og ikke bare overleve. Dette er min rejse som kronisk levende.

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